Our Mission

Sustain-it wants to make sustainable fashion in reach. In a world where fashion is constantly
driven by trends and the momentum of ‘wear today and never wear again’. We aim to change this by educating your decisions and providing inspiration to drive desires to stay sustainable.

We are not anti-fashion; we’re anti-fast fashion.

We want to soak up style without the needof shopping disruptively. Independent, preloved, vintage, charity — simply better destination for our futures.
We believe consuming sustainable fashion takes baby steps; we are here to walk thosesteps and make change together.

Our History

Sustain-it is a newly launched journalism platform run by a London College of Fashion final year student Chloe Whatling. Chloe started Sustain-it as part of her final year major project. After years of feeling fed up that magazines would talk about high street and designers but would hardly ever give cheap, sustainable fashion any light. She wanted to change this by providing inspiration and education for sustainable clothing options.

In the past, Chloe has also been an active fast-fashion shopper — however, since realising how disruptive and poorly produced garments were made. She decided to break up with fast fashion at the end of 2020. She’s on the path to shopping more responsibly yet is determined to let not to let her style fade.

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Chloe Whatling